LocalBites Puts Live Stream Cooking Classes in Your Hands

Host or post! The explanation could be a little more nuanced but that’s a good starting point to describe what the website, LocalBites, does. It allows you to host your own livestream cooking class or post your signature recipes along with the “where to” information to find the ingredients locally. It also incorporates live stream cooking classes from over 200 professional chefs.

It’s all very social…a point, which is hammered home on the website. The aim is simply “cooking made social.” LocalBites founder, Hiroshi Tashiro, is very passionate about this and understands the desire and motivations for people to learn new recipes.

Originally from Japan, Tashiro admits that upon moving to the U.S. he has become very interested in learning how to make American recipes. He also noticed that he was not the only one who was interested in stepping out of their personal cultural recipe zone. He had also been asked about his knowledge of Japanese recipes by some of the people in his circle.

Visionaries see a need then work out the solution to meet the need, and that’s how LocalBites was born. Tashiro calls it a “social experience.” The website is just the first step in connecting people through food, culture and proximity. Check out the video to learn more about Tashiro’s future plans for the site, how to post recipes or host a live stream class on LocalBites.

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As editor for the MultiCulturalCookingNetwork.net website, and as a general practice, I'm living my life in editing mode. It makes it easier to fix mistakes.

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