About the Editor

Monica Johnson (left) is the Editor of MultiCulturalCookingNetwork.net, a global cultural cooking experience.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate –

Alana D. Wolfelt

When you love food, that’s a good place to start when you take on the role of editor for a website celebrating culture, cuisine and community. MultiCulturalCookingNetwork.net is the latest part of Multi Cultural Cooking Network (MCCN), an international food lovers blog and social media entity that’s more than a decade strong.

An editor and contributor for MCCN, Monica remembers being in the kitchen at an early age, fixing breakfast on Sunday mornings. She learned a lot from her summertime visits to her grandparents’ house in the south. She stuck close to her grandfather while they worked in his garden. Then she’d come in and get her hands sticky learning to cook biscuits and pancakes from scratch. She firmly believes that this is where she learned to love experimenting in the kitchen.

Her other passion is sitting down at a computer and telling stories, which is exactly what she gets to do when writing about food and culture. So many stories…so little time! Needless to say Monica considers her new undertaking, with MultiCulturalCookingNetwork.net, as a labor of love, stating, “It’s always an incredible blessing to be able to do what you love!”

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