Welcome to MCCN

MultiCulturalCookingNetwork.net Editor, Monica Johnson (left), pictured with sister and Founder/Editor of Multi Cultural Cooking Network, Crystal Johnson

Hello MCCN Readers!

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your interest in Multi Cultural Cooking Network. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Monica Johnson and I am a writer and food lover at heart. Give me a pen and a paper or a laptop in a cozy space, which preferably sells coffee and pastries, and I am darn near living my perfect day..

I’ve written for various publications including Examiner, JazzReview, Black Hollywood, and managed the content of various organizations. If I didn’t get paid a thing, I would still write all the time. I think it came with my DNA.

So now it’s my extreme pleasure and delight to take on the role of editor for MultiCulturalNetwork.net, the latest entity launched under the Multi Cultural Cooking Network.

The Multi Cultural Cooking Network was founded in September of 2009 under the leadership of my sister, Crystal Johnson, the founder and Editor in Chief of the original MultiCulturalCookingNetwork blog. Multi Cultural Cooking Network covered food and culture before the word “foodie” became blasé. The blog also combined entertainment and history in its article offerings as well as festival coverage, interviews and restaurant reviews.

I don’t claim to be an expert on food but loving to cook and eat plus having curiosity about history, geography and culture go a long way. So join us as we continue to sing and dance while we eat, guess at ingredients, get creative in the kitchen and collect awesome recipes. If you are a food lover at heart, you are in the right place because we celebrate it every day.

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