Restaurant Delivery…Our Faithful Friend

Cafe Spice: Cockeysville MD

Since the great pandemic started, restaurant food delivery (and takeout) really has been a friend to those who are slightly, or maybe even unabashedly, kitchen-challenged. But don’t sleep because it also became a new found habit for those eager to make at least one of the family’s three squares into somebody else’s responsibility.

I have to admit that GrubHub took my order a few more times than I care to admit. After all, we wait on our restaurant delivery like we wait on the Amazon truck…full of hope that we’ve made the right choice and that it’s been handled correctly.

So to this end, it’s only right that we say, “Job well done!” Yes, the restaurant delivery industry did us a solid, so “Thank you and job well done” to those in the industrial kitchens around the nation making our meals and to those behind the wheel bringing those meals to us. Not since Meals on Wheels has delivery been this appreciated. In some cases, the service has been essential and in other cases it’s a luxury, which had the added bonus of keeping our country running in a time when life was slowed to a grinding halt.


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