Baker’s Passion Becomes her Business

Pastry chef, Jalisa Harris is enjoying her decision to have faith and open One Bite, LLC. It’s her very own baking business serving the DMV area (D.C., MD, VA.). MCCN talks to her about her business and passion for baking in our new series, The Cool Culture Cook. (See the interview above)

One Bite makes cakes, pies, pastries and all kinds of baked goods by request. Harris’ company has done birthday parties, weddings, church anniversaries and the requests get more and more diverse. However, that’s where she is now, which is a long way from her beginnings.

Getting her degree in culinary arts was one thing but making the move to start her baking business was a decision she came to over time. As you can probably imagine, every day is not a cake-walk for the young pastry chef and entrepreneur (pun absolutely intended) but success stories without trials are even less realistic than fairytales.

We all know in every good fairytale there is always a villain to overcome or an obstacle to overtake, and such is life. Sometimes there is a struggle. Funds aren’t always rolling in, ingredients can be expensive and throw in a global pandemic, like the one from 2020, and you can begin to understand the saying, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Nonetheless, even as an operation of one, the young business woman’s faith and family support system have helped her slay those proverbial dragons during the low times. She credits her mother for her encouragement, which has helped her carry on One Bites growing success story.

Rainbow/Princess custom-made by request by One Bite.
Unicorn cake custom-made by One Bite. Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Now let’s talk about those rewarding moments. After all, all work and no fun is not going to cut it. Harris definitely loves the reward of a job well done. In fact, customer satisfaction is kind of a thing with her. She wants to see the smile. She’s looking for the reaction, especially since she pours her passion into everything from the ingredients to the design of each delectable baked bite.

From cupcakes, to character cakes, to pies and sugar work, Harris is in it to satisfy even the youngest customer with dreams of princesses and rainbows or Spiderman and Moana for their birthday cakes. Harris is also in it for the long haul and continues to up her game as her baking business and artistry grows.

Check out part one of Harris’ inspirational and gutsy story on MCCN’s new series, The Cool Culture Cook.

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