Christmas Crafts: Pop Tart GingerBread House

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When school is out and the kids are looking for something fun and crafty to do this holiday season, MCCN has found a fun and festive solution.

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The kids need something that they can sink all 10 fingers into…something to satisfy their burgeoning artist calling, or at least something to keep them occupied. Believe it or not, you can find your crafty solution in a box of Pop Tarts. “How so?” you ask. Here’s how…get a family and friends craft night together and do the unthinkable! Make a gingerbread house from Pop Tarts.

Is that even legal? Is that technically a gingerbread house? Yes, I know…your mind is in overdrive. Don’t overthink it. Just do it! And don’t get the shivers about the arts and craft project. Who’s grading you? It’s going to be okay because you’re in it for the fun!

We’ve found a very simple step by step guide provided by the Gluesticks blog, which even includes a video so you can pause, rewind and get it in the ball park. Just a suggestion, you might want to get a few snacks that aren’t going on the Pop Tart gingerbread house like one of those Christmas tins full of popcorn or the annual love it or leave it fruitcake.

Now that that’s squared away, go ahead and take on that family and friends craft night like a champ. We, at MCCN, believe in you so get to it and have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Supply List for Pop Tart Gingerbread House

6 strawberry PopTarts
Variety of Christmas candy
Royal icing (If you don’t want to make the royal icing you can use regular store-bought vanilla icing)

Visit for this fun foodie project.

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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