Asian Kebab and Hot Pot

Asian Kebab and Hot Pot’s is set up to enjoy the hot pot experience with friends and family (Photo Credit: Monica Johnson).

So this is a thing? Why didn’t anybody tell me these hot pot places were a thing? I came into Asian Kebab and Hot Pot in Lutherville, MD (just north of Towson, MD) because I had been eyeing it for a while. I really didn’t know what I was walking into but I was delightfully surprised.

Now before, we even talk about the hot pots, let’s talk about the kebabs. You can make your own kebabs here! You choose your fixings, place them on skewers and have at it. There are special areas for you to grill your kebabs.

The hot pot experience is a fantastic way to share a communal cooking and eating experience with friends. You’re actually sitting at a table equipped with burners so you and your party can cook up your hot pot.

The restaurant will start by giving your party a pot with your choice of broth/soup base. You also get a bunch of options for your dipping ingredients. The Asian Kebab and Hot Pot’s menu of dipping ingredients include: sliced lamb, Chinese cabbage, sliced beef, chicken gizzards, tofu, cattle tripe, mushrooms, shrimp (head-on) and a whole lot more. And the final portion of this fun-filled adventure is dipping your freshly cooked dipping ingredients from the hot pot into your choice of sauces.

Want to know more about the hot pot experience? Thrillist has an excellent article called Everything You Need to Know to Master Hot Pot.

Other Offerings

Asian Kebab and Hot Pot also has other offerings. As I looked over the restaurant’s take-away menu, the host, a pretty informative young man, must have thought I was hesitant because before long he gently offered, “We have an American menu.” I laughed to myself because I know he must offer that a lot when people see items like Sautéed Bullfrog in Chili Sauce on the menu. But I’m down buddy! Bring on the authenticity…I can handle this.

Chilly Pot Fish from Asian Kebab and Hot Pot. A combination of fish fillets, broccoli, and spicy peppers. (Photo Credit Monica Johnson)

I settled on the Chilly Pot Fish and it was excellent. The combination of fish fillets, broccoli and spicy peppers served with rice was definitely hot and spicy. However, it was not the over the top, cough up your guts, “Give me a Kleenex…I need to wipe my nose and my forehead!” brand of hot. It was tempered so you could really taste the flavor of each bite.

For more information about the restaurant or a menu, go to the Asian Kebab & Hot Pot website.

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