The Restaurant Dessert Menu Dilemma

First things first, I’m not complaining. Many restaurants do a great job with their menu offerings. Some are niche, some are all things to all people. Whatever’s clever! However, so much of what’s offered on dessert menus are not clever. It’s often downright trite. And I wonder why your basic neighborhood, and chain restaurants for that matter, don’t up their game with a different assortment of desserts.

Again, not looking to complain but seriously there is only so much apple crisp, fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream, apple pie a la mode, carrot cake or cheesecake one girl can stand. I would love to see something lively, fresh and new on a restaurant dessert menu. I would love to have something I can be excited about for that after-the-meal coffee and dessert conversation with friends. Here’s the other thing, I don’t want to have to dine at a $50 per plate restaurant for a better dessert option to be open to me.

Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt, (Pixabay)

Did I mention I’m not complaining? Just sort of thinking out loud. You understand. It’s a dilemma; nonetheless, my head is not so far up in the clouds that I don’t realize that there are reasons for these decisions.

Maybe, I’m an anomaly. Maybe customers are just fine with their choices; therefore, there’s no need to make any changes or dump much needed funds for the sake of creativity or trying something new. Mais non, mes chéries, I don’t give myself that much credit. There are millions upon millions of people who enjoy a good dessert and a good portion adopt the name “foodie” so I’m sure this comes all the way down to finances.

The restaurant business is hard enough as it is without your demanding customer wanting you to satiate their out of the ordinary dessert cravings. In fact, a 2015 Washington Post article by Roberto Ferdman stated, “There are many problems with dessert, but it all starts with one pretty simple truth: The restaurant industry is a place of razor thin margins, and dessert tends to offer one of the thinnest.”

So what’s the solution? Who knows? After all, nobody wants to place more burdens on overburdened restaurants. Some restaurants may decide more dessert choices could be a game-changer. A 2019 article by The Fork titled 10 Desserts Ideas to to Add to Your Menu, gives some great ideas.

Perhaps, for those who really want to enjoy a bonafide taste of extraordinary, a more direct approach is needed. You could skip the dessert menu for the more extensive options found at your local bakery. It might help spread the wealth when it comes to the bottom line.

A good local bakery will have more sweet treasures than you could dream of. Just think of the tarts, the tortes, the macarons, the eclairs, the cupcakes, the struedel, the streusel and so much more.

Photo Credit: Photo of bakery by Sony Ilce (Pixabay)

Of course, you can’t bring your own dessert to a restaurant but if you plan ahead, you can do coffee and dessert from the comfort of your own home and even invite your friends. I don’t know about you but I’m thinking this could work out for everyone.


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