Showcasing the Jambon Beurre
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Wait! What’s so exciting about a ham sandwich? Well, it’s a French ham sandwich…duh! Leave it to the French to turn the seemingly simple into the simply sumptuous. Ooh la la, mes amis…the French will give you something to write home about starting with their Jambon-buerre.

Details! Details! It starts with the right ingredients. Salt & Wind, a travel company that caters to food lovers, recommends a ficelle (string) baguette. It’s a much thinner loaf bread. This bread is often called a baguette but is sometimes referenced in the category of a baton, which is typically a shorter loaf.

Now, here’s where we get decadent! In order for this to work, you will need to get a salted European butter to spread over the bread. Then select a Jambon de Paris. If you’re not able to find it, then just make sure that it is a high-quality super thinly-sliced ham.

It’s a simple treat but the French just know how to make simple things so good. Check out the ingredients below and read the recipe instructions on SaltandWind.com.


2 ficelle French baguettes (baton)
High-quality salted European butter
Jambon de Paris (or another high quality thinly-sliced ham)


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