This is It BBQ and Seafood, Decatur GA

This Is It! BBQ and Seafood, Decatur GA (Photo Credit: Monica Johnson)

It’s fun to run into places you weren’t expecting. It happens a lot on road trips unless your wedded to Micky D’s or the king of burgers. While on a recent trip traveling north from the Deep South, my sister and I went in search for some victuals. And we were excited to find a restaurant that is no stranger to those in Georgia, or to anyone who may watch Diners, Drive-in & Dives. The restaurant was called This Is It BBQ and Seafood.

The ego on these people, right? This is It! You know, like there’s no other place…don’t waste your time. Well, after having their catfish, black eyed-peas and sweet-potato casserole, I’m going to give it to them because this was it! It was a soul food bonanza with errrthing you want from a soul food restaurant. And when my catfish was ordered, they did not just take it off a pile of catfish, they said that they always make their catfish fresh upon ordering.

I’m looking forward to another trek down south maybe to try their ribs and macaroni and cheese. Then again, the catfish was really good so I could definitely get that again but the smothered turkey chops do really sound delightful! And they get their soul food cred’ right off the top, just for including chitterlings on their menu. All I know is that my return trip needs to happen and soon because I have plans for these taste buds!

This is It BBQ is a black-owned franchise of restaurants, which was founded by husband and wife team, Butch and Barbara Anthony in 1983. There are currently nine locations throughout Georgia and they also have a location in Fayettesville, NC. For more information, visit the This Is It BBQ & Seafood website.


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