Sub and Sandwich Adventures

Reuben sandwich from Showtime Deli

Guest foodie contributors, Pig & Panda, made their way to Lexington Park, in southern Maryland, to experience Showtime Deli. The cinema-themed delicatessen looks like a lot of fun from its life-sized images of The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars to the cool memorabilia on the wall. A cinephile foodie would probably lose their mind! But honestly, who cares about all of that if the food isn’t right? And fortunately it is more than just right…it’s good eating according to Pig & Panda.

A well-made sub or sandwich is something that’s very personal to a foodie. Seriously, the analyzing can go on and on. What kind of bread are you using? Tomato or no tomatoes? Don’t be skimpy on that meat! You know how it is when you make your own sandwich, let alone when somebody else is doing it. So sit back, relax, and take a food adventure with Pig & Panda. These two will guide you through cold cut subs, cheesesteaks, Ruebens, and a lot more fantastic foot-longs.

Pig and Pandas Food Adventures
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MCCN would like to thank Pig & Panda!


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