No Better Place to be than Betsy’s on Magnolia


Nice little ice cream spot called Betsy’s, but don’t look for her serving the cones, she’s always out in the front of the shop just chilling. #betsysicecream

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When in Laurel, Mississippi, look for a blue VW Beetle outside of an ice cream shop. Then you’ll know you are at Betsy’s on Magnolia, a sweet little ice cream shop giving good vibes and a great ice cream experience, which includes sitting out on their deck and savoring every taste.

Betsy’s makes you reminisce about that yesteryear experience called friendly customer service. Remember that? I noticed the young man at the window giving out lovely welcoming greetings, polite instructions and finally a “Y’all come back!” farewell. When you live in faster paced cities, a little southern hospitality goes a long way for the soul. And it went down so lovely with my coffee dipped vanilla soft serve with heath bar toppings on a traditional waffle cone.

Can you hear the angelic choirs singing? Okay, that’s just in my head.

MCCN Editor, Monica Johnson enjoying her Betsy’s on Magnolia ice cream experience.

Betsy’s offers vanilla, chocolate and swirl soft-serve, and you can get it dipped for a hard shell covering with flavors like cherry, blue raspberry, white chocolate, coffee, cake batter, and more.

Betsy’s on Magnolia Ice Cream Shop, Laurel, Miss.

Now ice cream toppings are optional…or are they? Just peruse the menu and one of the toppings will eventually pull you in. There are rainbow sprinkles, Nerds, Pop Rocks, shredded coconuts, Oreos and Lucky Charms marshmallows. Are you starting to get the fun factor? We can’t stop there because your cone selection isn’t limited either. Try their red velvet waffle cone for a different twist.

Betsy’s on Magnolia’s is a sweet, laidback, Laurel, Mississippi experience. And what a great little place to sit down, relax, and enjoy your ice cream one lick at a time. For more information, visit Betsy’s on Magnolia website.


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