Fall Favorites: Candy Apples Were Born in the USA

When it comes to the fall, our minds turn to some of our favorite comfort foods, but let’s include some confection in this category as well. Candy apples are just right for the season. With the temperatures cooling, you can enjoy this festive American treat throughout fall, and right into the Christmas season.

The history of the candy apple originates in Newark, New Jersey in 1908. According to sources, candy-maker William W. Kolb was testing out a new confection for Christmas and decided to grab the attention of people passing by his candy shop by coating apples in his new red cinnamon candy.

Now, if you have ever seen a glossy-red candy apple, you know that it will not only catch your attention, but there’s a certain mouth-watering aspect to the glossy color treat.

So It seems the candy maker had a genuine surprise on his hands. After showcasing those apples, which were simply meant to bring attention to the candy, people were more interested in the entire display rather than just the candy. People came into the shop to purchase the apple, which he sold for five cents.

Soon he did what many a great entrepreneur does, he expanded his audience and candy apples became popular at the beach on the Jersey Shore as well as festivals and circuses.

I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore, but I do remember it being a staple of the holiday in the early eighties…before the ruiners started putting razor blades in the apples. (There’s always going to be those people who take the fun out of everything.) Nonetheless, the candy apple has evolved to include other variations like caramel and toffee. The creations are as varied and creative as one can dream.

Options for candy various candy apples.(Photos from Pixabay and Wikipedia)

Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples are just two of the apples will work for candied apples, but for a list of other acceptable apples, check out the list by Stemilt World Famous Fruit.

See the video below for The Sugar Geek’s recipe for the Best Candy Apple Recipe.


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