All Hail The Crab Queen

All hail the queen! Yes, I said it. The queen is deserving of her due. Felicia Covel Rami, owner of The Crab Queen, is doing something special with the restaurant’s seafood cuisine, and I am entirely here for it.

Covel Rami was formerly executive chef at a Baltimore favorite, Nick’s Fish House.

In a Baltimore Magazine article, she says that The Crab Queen was born out of the pandemic. Her business had a lot of events lined up, but like many small businesses at the time, they had to pivot. The pivot took shape by providing catering for small events for five or less people.

Small orders turned into rave reviews. The article states, “We got so much positive feedback from the crab boils—we almost couldn’t keep up with the demand for them. We wanted to continue to offer this food, so we looked for a brick-and-mortar.”

The Crab Queen, which is located in Randallstown, Maryland, offers traditional offerings like seafood boils, a snow crab platter, and a 12 oz. Queen crab cake.

The restaurant’s innovative offerings also include your choice of lobster or crab grilled cheese, both made with gruyere, provolone, cheddar, on grilled brioche; fried lobster tail drizzled with honey sriracha sauce; seafood pizza; crab stuffed salmon, and more.

Hungry yet?

You can’t do it justice by just talking about it so take the time to peruse their menu. The images are enough to solicit a commitment, even a vow, to make it to Randallstown for some good eating.

I couldn’t wait to experience the fried lobster tail. Of course, I wanted other things too, but I was fixated on the awesome images I was seeing on social media for weeks. I’ve had lobster before, but what I was seeing was so different.

I got the meal with two sides. I chose the gouda mac and cheese and kale with smoked turkey. The mac & cheese was buttery, creamy, poignant but not overpowering. The greens were just awesome. Think of that favorite Thanksgiving meal where the greens were just right…yup that one with the bits of smoked turkey in every bite. That’s what it tastes like.

On any given day, these sides would have been enough for me, but I was obsessed with trying the fried lobster. I would just stop on the Crab Queen’s page and social media just to get a gander. So this was my weeks-long lobster desire and foodie dream come true.


This was so incredibly good. Fried lobster Gouda mac & cheese and collards with smoked turkey. f#friedlobstertthecrabqueemdrestaurants ggoodfoodssoulfoodf#foodiesoftiktok

♬ Golden – Harry Styles
Multi Cultural Cooking Network, TikTok

My expectations were met most assuredly. The lobster was fried to a golden crisp, and the meat was tender, so perfect, and there was so much of it. To my chagrin, I didn’t even bother with the honey sriracha sauce until I was almost finished. The sauce is extremely well matched for the lobster.

All in all, I enjoyed my meal, and there are so many other items I want to try. Maybe it will be lobster/crab grilled cheese. You never know.

What I do know is that The Crab Queen is taking us seafood lovers on an exciting new tasty trip, and I, for one, am ready jump on board.


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