Shah’s Halal Food

Here’s the thing…New York seems to always be ahead of the curve. It’s not their fault, it’s just built that way. I know from growing up in the city that multiculturalism was a fact of life before it was a “thing.” So, it’s not surprising that the restaurant I happened upon in my neighborhood—a chain originating in Long Island—was not only a refreshing change from the regular eat-in/carry-outs in the area, but it was also reasonably priced, super satisfying and so delicious.

First, I loved the ambience. It’s neat, and it has warm fiery red walls, which tell the story of the restaurant chain.

We’ll get back to that later. Let’s talk about the food.

I ordered Kofta over rice with all the fixings, including chickpeas, lettuce, a mix of cucumbers and tomatoes all drizzled with white sauce and hot sauce. Oh Mama!

I also ordered a cheesesteak sub for my mother. Yup, I had some of my mama’s sandwich, and it was just what you would want a cheesesteak to taste like.

The menu includes gyros, falafel, sandwiches, salads, wings and lamb, kofta, chicken or fish over rice, plus more.

The Shah’s Halal Food website says the restaurant was established in 2005. It started as a food cart in Richmond Hill, Queens on 121st and Liberty Avenue. The site goes on to say, “In 2016, we developed our first Long Island branch with the goal in mind of becoming, “the best Halal Food Restaurant in Long Island NY.”

Shah’s Halal Food now has about 36 locations including New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and Delaware.

My location in Cockeysville, Maryland was warm and welcoming. I appreciated the knowledge of the menu, and how the staff helps to guide their customers, if they’re not as familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine.

Did I mention that I love the red walls? Find out more about Shah’s Halal food on their website.


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