Charcoal Deli is a favorite for pit beef and more…

Charcoal Deli has been making sandwiches since 1992. Located in Cockeysville, Maryland, the family-owned business is a walk-up venue, where you can go to the service window, put your order in, and wait for the staff to cook it up. Pit beef is a really big deal at Charcoal Deli. In fact, they have been voted Baltimore’s best! They’re proud of that fact. It’s on their outdoor sign.

They are known for their open pit sandwiches, including ham, beef, turkey, and chicken. But don’t sleep on their wings, they are definitely in the popularity contest.

Like a novice, my first visit was on Super Bowl Sunday. I know…not really the best day to expect in and out service. The line was pretty long, and the catering orders were being picked-up left and right.

Did I mention it was Super Bowl Sunday?

It didn’t deter me though. I settled in with the understanding that I was going to have to commit to a good 15-minute wait, or more…but again, rookie move on my part.

I ordered from their line of Namewiches. Nope, that’s not a mistake, that’s what they call this particular line of sandwiches. My namewich was called “The Travis,” which had Cajun ham, pit beef, and provolone cheese, served on a Kaiser Roll.

I chased it down with their skin-on, natural cut fries. I could really go there just for the fries.

I enjoyed my sandwich, and the serving was more than enough for me. However I did feel like I missed the opportunity to add a crucial condiment, which would have taken it to another level. I forgot to ask for horseradish. It would have been perfect; nonetheless, The Travis was tasty, fresh, and, overall, a good choice.

Something else you can’t help but notice. Charcoal Deli has a lot of regulars. As is the case with many family restaurants, they have made their mark in the community and people pretty much knew what to expect when they walk up to the service window. There’s comfort in those kinds of encounters.

There was friendly banter and very good customer service, which goes a long way.

During the warmer months (or maybe even the colder ones), customers can sit outside in the picnic table area. Charcoal Deli is a good place to sit and enjoy your grub, especially when your car is parked, and you have nothing to do but feast.


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