A Sweet Retreat

The Cow, Reisterstown, MD

Have you ever happened across a place so cool that you had to stop to investigate? If not, here’s one to put on your travel list. Just look for The Cow! That’s right and it won’t be too hard to find because The Cow is a window-serve ice cream shop with two life-sized cows that welcome you as your driving down Main St. in Reisterstown, MD.

Once you have spotted the cows, pull over and explore this sweet retreat. The variety is so vast that you’ll probably just stand there for a moment looking over the menu saying, “Oh that sounds good!” Frozen custard is king at The Cow and it’s so fresh that you’ll wonder if the decorative cows are secretly pumping out real milk.

Take a seat and enjoy your treat at the The Cow in Reisterstown, Maryland.
Take a seat and enjoy your treat!

It’s a lovely spot that’s worth the drive from neighboring Pennsylvania, Baltimore, and D.C. And here’s another winning point for the establishment…you don’t have to sit in the car to eat your brownie sundae, pineapple chocolate chip Italian ice or banana split. There are cute little sitting areas with benches, fit for a fine ice cream social, where you can gather or social distance to savor your treat. It’s all so very quaint and neighborly.

For more information about The Cow, visit their Facebook Page.


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