Election Day Party

Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and boy oh boy is this going to be a nail-biter. Local and national elections will take place all across the United States and although it’s been a very divisive year, party lines don’t have to divide friends and family. Besides, nothing helps civil discourse like food and fellowship and who can be bitter when sweets are in the belly? So throw yourself an election party and get the popcorn ready for a night to remember.

Election Day Menu Ideas

Muhammara: This is a savory Middle-Eastern walnut and roasted red pepper dip). Serve it with blue corn chips. (Shown above in the slideshow)

Hamburgers with all the fixings or turkey burger sliders:: For a more sophisticated taste, use gouda and sautéed onions)

Iced tea: With lemon or without, it’s simple and delicious. Plus since we’re dealing with a historical night, tea is a throwback to that rowdy party thrown in Boston, back in December of 1773.

Cranberry Apple Sangria: Normally reserved for Thanksgiving/Christmas this a perfect drink for the non-tea drinkers. It’s also a non-alcoholic recipe.

Election Dessert Fun

For those who boldly declare their party vote loud and proud, they can show it off with their sweets of choice…

M&M’s-Set aside two bowls of blue and red M&M’s. (But if your guest wants to keep their voting anonymity…provide a bowl of white M&M’s to instill the patriotic freedom of privacy.)

Cream cheese frosted cupcakes: Cupcakes are a winner no matter the party choice but for kicks, provide cherries, blueberries and strawberries to top off the cupcakes. (Again, for anonymity, go all or nothing with the toppings)

Okay MCCN family, we want to know…what would your Election Day menu be? Leave your thoughts in the be in the comments section below.

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