You Should be Watching: The Food That Built America

Streaming is making us all winners because in the midst of the craziness of busy schedules or extremely long quarantines, we can discover some pretty decent television programming. So when my sister told me about the History Channel’s The Food that Built America, which aired its first episode in August of 2019, I was both amazed and intrigued.

The stories about the familial struggles of the Kelloggs brothers as well as the surprising story of C.W. Post are high drama and the stuff of soap opera writers. C.W. Post daughter, Marjorie Merriweather Post, also had a surprising story, which reminds us that there are truly hidden figures in American history, whose stories should be discovered by the ensuing generations as a source of inspiration and useful entrepreneurial lessons.

Twentieth century moguls, Marjorie Merriweather Post and Frank C. Mars..

Oh my goodness…the ingenuity of it all is mind-blowing. You can’t look at the program without really understanding that the innovations they created still directly affects our standard of Take Clarence Birdseye for instance…this man was a freaking frozen food genius. And tilt me over with a spoon because, I never equated the name Birdseye with a family name, which is the case for a lot of these food companies.

Season 1 of The Food that Built America is amazing and you will probably find yourself indignant at some of these giants of industries because wheeling and dealing, lying, cheating, and out and out stealing are a just par for the course in America’s food industries’ history. Some stories are truly heartbreaking; nonetheless, I can’t wait for season 2, which will be increased from 3 episodes to 18. Thank you History Channel!


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