The Christmas Asado and Other Traditions in Argentina

Oh the weather outside is frightful! Nope, not during Christmas in Argentina. The weather is downright balmy…some might even say it’s hot and humid. It’s summer, after all. That doesn’t stop the Christmas trees from going up in their pink, blue, white or green glory and the nativity scenes are placed respectfully near the trees. The decorations and celebrations are plentiful, and part of those celebrations often include a good old barbecue called an asado.

Argentinian Asado

An asado is a traditional event when families and friends gather over some pretty awesome barbecued food. It’s done in Argentina but it’s also done in other South American countries. So what kind of food is prepared during an Argentinian asado? Well, traditional asados are all about the grill (parrilla) or open fire, where chicken, roasted turkey, roasted pork, chorizo, morcilla, which is a blood sausage eaten in Spain and Latin American countries are cooked. Regionally other meats like goat or veal are popular as well.

Typically, the grilling duties go to the guys and the salad, which is often eaten with the grilled meats, are handled by the women. One of the more popular salads is the Salad Olivier, known as ensalada rusa, which is actually a Russian potato salad.

Salad Olivier or ensalada rusa (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Another wonderful part of celebrations in Argentina happens on Christmas Eve after midnight. Globos are released into the air and these beautiful paper decorations, which have a light inside, fill the sky. Oh what a night!


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