Get Festive with Sorrel

Photo Credit from Caribbean Green Living blog

Rich, velvety, spice-filled drinks are the best! And when it comes to that combination it’s hard to overlook sorrel. It’s one of those drinks that lets your tongue experience the full spectrum. Hints of cinnamon, those earthy cloves and of course, the lovely tart flavor of the the sorrel leaf, itself, makes for an uncommon and unparalleled delight.

You can find sorrel drinks in most Caribbean restaurants or bottled, but it’s fairly easy to make it yourself as well. Some iterations include ginger and some do not. It’s made in different cultures in the Caribbean like Jamaica and Trinidad; however, you will also find sorrel as a Christmastime standard in the Central American country, Belize.

Sorrel drinks are great for celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and even to toast in the New Year. Although, sorrel is also consumed without the great fanfare of holidays, It’s a really festive kind of drink. It’s has oomph! It has heart and it’s just really good. See the ingredients below and check out the recipe on our sister Multi Cultural Cooking Network blog,


8 ounces dried sorrel

2 cinnamon sticks (each approximately 3 inches long)

1 piece orange peel (fresh or dried, approximately 3 by 1-inch)

12 whole cloves

10-12 cups water

1 1/2 cups sugar (or more to taste. Granulated will give a better colour.)


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