Do You Agree with the Top 10 International Cuisines?

If you think the Olympics is something that inspires pride in one’s country, a country/culture’s food lifts pride to an altogether different level. Typically, we have grown up with our culture’s food whether we are American, Caribbean, Italian Indian or Japanese. And we have also had our favorite dishes within our country/culture. That’s why when I stumbled upon a list of the Top 10 International Cuisines, it made me chuckle within myself because a lot of us are not going to be happy.

This list was very democratic. It’s based on the votes received and it even explains what kind of food you will find in the culture. But here’s a spoiler alert to Americans, we don’t even get in the extended top 41 list. Go ahead and expand from the top 10… our lobster rolls, chocolate chip cookies, buffalo wings and sweet potato pie were not enough to make the cut.

However, that’s not the end of the story. The great thing is if your favorite cuisine is not listed, you can add to the list. If you want to move your culture up a notch, go ahead and cast your vote. At the time this article is being posted, here is a partial listing of the top 5 international cuisines from’s top 10 listing.

Top 5 International Cuisines (from
  1. Indian
  2. Italian
  3. Japanese
  4. Chinese
  5. French

Personally, I would have added Caribbean food somewhere in that top 5 but it’s ranking at number 22 right now. I guess I’ll have to send my absentee ballot or I won’t be represented. See the rest of the Top 10 International Cuisines list on


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